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AMC INSTALLS is a leader in installation services in all projects pertaining to visual communication.

We have more than 15 years of experience on the field in production, sales and client services.

With all these years of professional experience in tailored graphic installation, AMC INSTALLS registers an enviable client satisfaction rate. Our qualified project managers and installation teams work out of the office across the nation, granting us the unique possibility to offer to our clients both a service and a product of superior quality.

Our services

We have the expertise needed to accomplish virtually any installation project. We offer a multitude of services to optimise the visibility of your company.


Be it for an automobile, SUV, van, trailer, plane or boat.

Window display

Cut or printed vinyl: your advertising as you want it. Commercial or industrial buildings, private institutions and department stores.


Directional indicators, decorative boards, 3D lettering, advertising, and much more.


Interior or exterior, permanent or temporary, small or large. On smooth surfaces or porous ones such as concrete and brick.


Whether for publicity, advertisement, signalling, or to cover an entire floor. On smooth surfaces or porous ones such as concrete and brick.


For conference rooms or private offices, of all shapes and sizes per your needs.


A wide range of products. Choose from our collection of templates or personalize your own design.

Our team

Professional site evaluators and experienced project managers are at the heart of our corporation.


Jean‑François Lavoie, president

Dearest client,

My name is Jean-François, JF in short. I am the co-owner of AMC Installations, a corporation that puts forth all effort to help collaborators in any way it can to their utmost satisfaction. The expertise I bring to quality operations is what sets our company apart. It is with proficiency and great pleasure that I oversee the installations that are sure to offer an end result that meets your expectations.

Catherine Schmidt, vice‑president

Dear current and future collaborators,

Let me introduce myself: My name is Catherine Schmidt. I am the co-owner of this wonderful company whose mission it is to accompany both the client and their projects. My contributions focus on management and customer service. I make it a point of honor to accomplish my tasks with joy and enthusiasm.

patrick coulombe

Patrick Coulombe, operation director

Dear clients as well as our many partners,

I am Patrick Coulombe, proud Director of Operations for AMC Installations. My past expertise as a business manager as well as my 15 years of experience as graphic installer are at your disposal in order to make your mandates a success for sure!

Whether it be for a boutique or a large retail store a well thought out window display combined with a tailored installation is the perfect formula to create a visual identity for clients to remember you by.


We are part of the Association Québecoise de l’Industrie de l’Enseigne (The Sign Industry Association of Quebec) and we rigorously adhere to it’s code of ethics.


We dedicate all of our expertise into addressing our clients’ needs throughout conception, fabrication, installation and repairs.


We execute our duties all the while respecting the rules of the art and the applicable ergonomics. We assure the quality of the linguistics presented.


We take all of the necessary precautions on site in order to guarantee the security of all, be it the public in general, our clients and our employees.


We present a detailed assessment of the work to be done, mindful of the plans and estimates provided. Our work is guaranteed for a period of 90 days.


Below are a few of our achievements

Coverage area

With our teams at the ready throughout the nation, we can quickly carry out your project all the while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

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With our teams at the ready throughout the nation, we can quickly carry out your project all the while maintaining the highest standards of quality.